Vasco Cafe

The Vasco Cafe is a specious traditional style coffee shop attached to Vasco House. The café is situated on the floor of the building and it faces Bastion street. It is a place of elegance that has a tempting menu at appropriate prices. We provide innovative cuisine that blends Kerala style of cooking with that of the Continental.

The decor is teak wood and the room is spacious and airy. The white walls and soft lighting set the scene for an excellent natural and cool place to sit, relax and dine. A casual atmosphere, courteous service and a menu sourced cuisine make it a popular eatery in Fort Cochin.


Vasco Home Stay is located in the corner of Rose Street where the Bastion street meet the Rose Street. The west side of the building is facing the former and the South facing the later. The Fort Cochin Post office is in the south and St.Francis Church is in the west. Vasco Information & Travels and Vasco cafe are working in its ground floor.