About Us

Vasco home stay is a unique heritage home stay facility with bed and breakfast, in the heart of Fort Cochin. The Vasco House is more than 500 years old and is believed to have been the residence of the famous explorer, Vasco da Gama until his death in 1524.

The picturesque heritage village of Fort Cochin was discovered by the Portuguese explorer. The Portuguese, Dutch and the British have etched their presence on this land. You can see the same in the architecture, cuisine and the lifestyle of this part of the city.

The rooms of Vasco house are large, with high wooden ceiling and large windows opening towards the historic St Francis Church where Vasco da Gama was buried. Two spacious rooms are meant for the guests. Both rooms have 2 double bed and single bed. We provide mosquito net, running hot and cold water, cable TV and for all there services that you can avail from the travel desk below.

I am Mr Santosh Tom, the owner of the homestay. We are running this homestay for past 16 years. We reside on the ground floor and run the Vasco Cafe and Vasco Tourist Information and Travels as well. We have tried our level best to maintain the building as it was, without too many modifications. There are many new hotels and homestay named after Vasco but our building is the one that is accepted by historians. You can easily identify this building – it stands at the corner where Rose Street meet Bastion street, facing St Francis Church. The Post Office is opposite the building. The old stone staircase is still used as it was during the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British rule of Cochin. This heritage value drove me to start a home stay, which in turn is a good enough reason to protect this monument.

Here is my family – Sheeba, my wife; Alan, my son and Avereena, my daughter. Our aim is to provide perfect Kerala style of life and experience to our guests and make your stay memorable.


Vasco Home Stay is located in the corner of Rose Street where the Bastion street meet the Rose Street. The west side of the building is facing the former and the South facing the later. The Fort Cochin Post office is in the south and St.Francis Church is in the west. Vasco Information & Travels and Vasco cafe are working in its ground floor.